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Lori's article "Stayout of the Middle" is in the Winter 2014 edition of Rudder Flutter. It covers subjects including canyon speed, and the fact that "turning around" isn't a maneuver in the back's a strategy.Rudder_Flutter_2014_Winte...

We were invited back for more training with SUSI Air, one of the largest Indonesia Airlines. We returned (March 2013) as a returning guest flight school in their home country. Stay tuned for more details! Read about our past training with SUSI Airlines.


We are Flying with the Air Force!  See the article about us in the Division of Aeronautics Newsletter.


We were featured in a special episode of Outdoor Idaho's: Flying Idaho!   We hope you didn't miss it but if you did, you can order the episode from them here.

February 2013: We are mentioned and quoted in an article in the GA News about "Backcountry Flying". 


Check out an article about Flight Bag's/Survival Kit's in July 2010's Plane & Pilot: HERE

We are mentioned in this August AOPA Pilot Magazine article.

See an article about us in February's Plane & Pilot Magazine.

See an article about us in February's AOPA Magazine

June 2012: See our article about Exploring the Canyonlands and Moab Area in the June edition of Pipers Magazine!


December 13, 2011: Lori was invited back to appear on D4K, a show on Idaho Public Television.

Rudder Flutter Article - Idaho Mountain Pilot, Keynote Speaker at Calgary Convention Summer 2009

Plane & Pilot Article - Dream Team March 2009

Plane & Pilot Article - Dog Legs and Dirt  December 2008